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 About Mary Ann

    For thirty five years Mary Ann Fitzgerald was a first grade teacher. Although teaching is her passion, Mary Ann always knew that when she retired, she would try something different.  Retirement was going to be an opportunity to wander into some new adventure.  With a Master Degree in Education and a Certificate in Business, Mary Ann continually searched for new and interesting opportunities to start her own business.

When a dear friend passed away, Mary Ann purchased her first Reflection Lamp.  Witnessing the joy and comfort this lamp brought in a time of such sorrow confirmed what she already believed.  These beautiful gifts of light are wonderful and lasting alternatives for any occasion. 

With a love for writing and poetry, Mary Ann decided this was the business for her.

The origin of this idea began with Claudia Walsh of East Longmeadow, MA. Claudia's father would come to her home and read by one particular lamp that he actually gave her as a wedding gift.  When Claudia's  father passed away, every time she turned on that lamp, she felt his gentle presence.

Mary Ann is sincerely grateful for Claudia's help and encouragement in opening her own store.